About dealings

By the original export route, we are making container export 20 or more nations in the world.
By original stocking, we offer the body of a better condition, and parts.

Attention! Please confirm before dealings.

About dealings

All the goods published serve as a no claim and a no return.
Please understand that It does not repay in any states.
It becomes only dealings in Japanese yen.

The flow of dealings

1. Please choose the goods of your choice from a list.
2. Please push an inquiry button.
3. Please tell us a visitor’s name, a company name,
  and the amount of money of choice on an inquiry screen.
4. It will become a contract if sales terms suit after checking
  the amount of money of choice in our company.
5. We will carry out connection from our company.

About the state check of vehicles

You can confirm the check of vehicles at any time on the 365th.
Please certainly give me connection to our company by e-mail in advance.

About taking over of goods

Taking over becomes possible from the day following transfer.
The storage term of goods will be one month.
Moreover, goods storage for 1,000 yen per day (including tax) is also possible.
At the longest, the storage term of goods is the longest and is three months from a trade date.
Please keep in mind that it becomes the cancellation treatment
without refund about it or subsequent ones.

About the condition notation

About engine condition, cabin condition, and chassis condition
I have indicated the basis of our standard, and A-E evaluation.


To the visitor who had 20 feet or a load for 40 feet purchased
Container arrangements, the lift free loan, and the free loan of the workplace are performed.
Please perform the work itself for visitor itself.
It is more profitable than returning with an empty track positively.

stock list car

stock list parts